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CBD to Treat Acne: Myth or Reality?

CBD to Treat Acne: Myth or Reality?

Acne is perhaps the most common skin disease in the world. Thus, millions of people, including children, adolescents, and adult users, suffer from this pathology in one way or another. In addition, it is important to note that, although acne is not a fatal disease, in the most serious cases, it can end up seriously affecting the user’s self-esteem, preventing the user’s normal ease in their daily activities.

Now, what does CBD have to do with acne? How could the natural properties of this interesting cannabinoid help alleviate some of the most noticeable symptoms of this annoying disease? These and many more questions are what we will be answering throughout this content.

What is acne, and why is it so annoying?

What is acne, and why is it so annoying?

Before talking about CBD and its medical properties, it is necessary to explain what acne consists of and why it is so annoying for users who suffer daily.

In this sense, acne is a skin disease that manifests itself mainly on the cheek and forehead of users, although it could also appear on the shoulders and back; and is generally associated with the overproduction of hormones in our body.

Also, when we talk about acne, it is important to differentiate between the four types of acne known so far: blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules. Which will have their own characteristics, and their appearance will depend in all cases on the degree of intensity with which this skin disease has manifested itself.

But what is it that makes acne so annoying? In the first place, it affects the patient’s facial aesthetics, causing marks on the skin that could remain for life in the most serious cases. Secondly, in the cases of papules and pustules, we are dealing with a type of painful acne that specialists can only treat through expensive and invasive treatments.

What treatments exist against acne?

Given the commonness of this pathology, there are currently hundreds of medical treatments available that seek to alleviate the most immediate effects produced by acne. Also, through a more rigorous set of procedures, some doctors even risk identifying and treating the causes that generate it in order to help prevent these annoying pimples from reappearing in the future.

However, the main problem with this type of treatment lies in two fundamental issues: first, many of these products are usually really expensive; and secondly, in some cases, the medications used to treat acne tend to generate serious side effects that end up being more harmful to the user’s health than the pathology that they initially sought to treat.

CBD treatments exist against acne

Thus, it is precisely at this point that the different products made from CBD have come to occupy an important role in alternative medical research that seeks to treat the most common medical problems associated with the appearance of acne in patients.

Why could CBD be an alternative against acne?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid present in the genetic structure of cannabis. Once it is isolated from the rest of its genetic relatives, it has important medical qualities associated with reducing inflammation and the sensation of pain, both notorious symptoms of chronic acne.

Likewise, various medical investigations have managed to verify the antioxidant properties of CBD, an element of vital importance when we talk about the regeneration of the areas affected by this annoying skin disease.

In this aspect, and thanks to all the medical properties that we have mentioned before, there are more and more cosmetic products made from CBD for commercial use that can be obtained on the internet. This with the great advantage that, since it is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, products made from CBD can be marketed without any legal impediment in most countries.

This means, without further ado, that if you were attracted by the possibility of using an oil or ointment made with CBD to treat acne, you could do so without thinking about the possibility of suffering any legal consequences.

Advantages of using CBD as an acne treatment

Using cosmetic products made from CBD has notable advantages compared to other traditional products. Let’s see what some of these prerogatives are:

1. Does not produce any “stoned” effect

Although CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, the truth is that once it is isolated from the rest of the cannabinoids present in the plant. Cannabidiol does not produce any psychoactive effect, making it a product that all types of users can consume without fear of unwanted effects.

2. Does not create resistance or dependency

Unlike other medications, CBD does not create resistance or dependency in our bodies. We will not have to increase CBD doses as we consume it to achieve the same regenerative effect. We will be able to suspend its use without needing to experience withdrawal symptoms.

3. It is legal and is found in a large number of presentations

As it is not a psychoactive cannabis compound, the sale and marketing of CBD is completely legal in most countries of the world. In addition to making CBD products safe to purchase, this situation has also opened up the possibility for the industry to experiment with a wide range of available commercial presentations: from edible oils to topical cosmetics. You can also explore the use of CBD oils or CBD Gummies. Everything will depend on your goals in the use of this incredible cannabinoid.


CBD is a very safe substance; although administered in high doses and continuously, the side effects are usually mild-moderate.

Internally it is important to verify the possible existence of pharmacological interaction, while with external use, it is only necessary to check that allergic-type reactions do not occur. Therefore it is very important not to exceed the indicated dosage so that such reactions do not appear.

In general, it is highly advisable to be able to consult health professionals specialising in the therapeutic use of Cannabis.

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