SoStoned CBD Energy Drink – 330ml


  • SoStoned CBD Energy Drink – 330ml can
  • Only £2.79 – Cheapest price in the UK!
  • Contains 24mg CBD, Taurine (4mg/ml), Caffeine (0.32mg/ml) Vitamins B6, B2 & B12
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  • THC free, vegan, kosher, halal, gluten free and non-GMO

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SoStoned CBD Energy Drink – 330ml

The SoStoned CBD Energy Drink is infused with high quality cannabidiol, cannabis extract, caffeine, taurine and various vitamins. Being the first energy drink with real cannabis flavour, SoStoned has become immensely popular in the UK and Ireland.

But it’s not just the taste that makes it great. As an energy drink with real benefits and energy effects, SoStoned helps the brain to focus and maintains the chemical balance in the nervous system. At only £2.79, CBD Embrace is the cheapest place to buy the SoStoned CBD Energy Drink anywhere in the UK. We offer free UK shipping, so why not order now?

Ingredients per can:

  • Cannabidiol – CBD (20mg)
  • Taurine (4mg/ml)
  • Caffeine (0.32 mg/ml)

CBD Energy Drinks

If you’re looking to buy CBD drinks at a great price, look no further than CBD Embrace. As a trusted and well renowned CBD manufacturer (winning GMP Best in the UK 2020), we supply only the best quality CBD products.

CBD energy drinks are a great way to include CBD in your lifestyle, as they can be easily consumed on the go. Giving you a kick of caffeine at the same time, SoStoned is ideal for giving you the energy and focus you need to go about your day.

But what makes CBD energy drinks better than regular energy drinks? While regular energy drinks just give you a boost of caffeine, the CBD that SoStoned contains balances out the stress response, while helping you maintain focus.

Do CBD Energy Drinks get you high?

CBD drinks do not generally get you high as CBD is non psychoactive, meaning it has no euphoric or ‘high’ like effects. Therefore the SoStoned CBD drink contains no THC, and does not have any mind altering effects.

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