Wholesale CBD UK

Wholesale CBD UK

CBD Embrace is one of the leading Wholesale CBD UK Suppliers & CBD Manufacturers. Our Wholesale CBD Products include: CBD E Liquid, CBD Oil, CBD Balm, CBD Food Supplements, CBD Vape and CBD Capsules all Manufactured in our custom fitted UK CBD Labs. We offer the best quality products at the best Wholesale CBD UK Prices.

We sell our own Brand CBD Products for Wholesale all manufactured in house UK using the finest quality CBD & Organic Raw Materials from the USA and Europe. Our amazing CBD Embrace range is available from over 25 Retail stores in the UK & Ireland and is also available from our Distributors in the UK, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Europe.

Wholesale CBD Products

Here are our Wholesale CBD Products all available for immediate dispatch to the UK, Ireland and Europe and Worldwide.

Order Wholesale CBD

If you would like to make a Wholesale CBD Order today why not contact our dedicated UK Sales staff on 028 7141 4646 or email [email protected]

Wholesale CBD Ireland

Do you own a Retail Store or Online shop in Ireland or Northern Ireland, we are Looking for professional retailers to sell our high quality CBD Products. All of our Wholesale CBD Products are also available for immediate delivery to Ireland and Northern Ireland with no long Shipping lead times.

CBD Manufacturer UK

We have been operating for over 2 years, producing a wide variety of products which are now available in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Over the years as demand grew for our products, they became synonymous with excellence. Our products are being appreciated and helping people worldwide and allowing us to double our manufacturing facilities to meet these growing demands. We at CBD Embrace are here to provide you with a CBD experience you deserve. We don’t cut corners and we don’t settle for anything less than the best. All of our products are Manufactured in our Custom fitted UK based labs using the latest techniques & hand-picked raw materials to ensure quality and consistency each and every time. As a company that strives for quality, not quantity, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce consistent, exceptional products.

White Label CBD UK

We also offer all our Wholesale CBD products as White Label in your own Brand to customers in the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland & across Europe. If you have a custom formulation in mind we can cater for Private Label CBD also down to your specific requirements. Our White Label and Private Label CBD Manufacturing services include Bottles, Labels and Labelling as standard. We also have our own team of in house designers whole would be able to help you visualise your White Label CBD UK Brand. We are able to offer more than just our own Wholesale Products as we are heavily invested in new CBD Product Development, hence bringing new products to market each and every week. Our White Label Products include CBD Oil, CBD E Liquids, CBD Balm, CBD Capsules and CBD Food Supplements.


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