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How much CBD Should I take? – Best CBD Dose & Strength for you!

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Medicinal Hemp industry is growing extremely fast in the UK. There being a large number of CBD products available isn’t a bad thing, though it can make choosing the right product for you more difficult. We at CBD Embrace are here to help you choose the best product and dosage.

CBD products come in a wide variety of concentrations. The amount of CBD they contain per bottle, gummy, capsule or tub can usually be stated on the front product label. Some products display this through “mg” such as 250mg, 500mg, or 1,000mg. Other CBD products, typically CBD Oil Drops may state the Strength a percentage, such as 2%, 5%, or 10% cannabidiol (CBD).
We at CBD Embrace label our products with “mg” and ensure each and every single product contains the specified amount along with batch test purity levels to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality product.
Higher strengths of CBD will likely have a greater effect, though it’s not recommended to start with a high strength if you haven’t taken CBD before.
Try starting with CBD Products containing a lower to moderate dosage/strength such as CBD Embrace 250mg Oil Drops, then gradually working your way up to a higher dosage if needed such as the 500mg or 1000mg Oil Drops. By monitoring the relief or effects over several days you can make the necessary adjustments. If you don’t achieve the desired effect then increase your dosage. Once you achieve a desirable level of relief you will be able to learn what concentration of CBD is best for you.

Dose per serving is another factor to consider before purchasing CBD oil. Most Oil drops utilise a 1ml Dropper. For example, a 1000mg 10ml Oil Drops product will contain 100mg CBD per ml. 1 full dropper (1ml) = 100mg.
A cheaper product such as 250mg CBD will contain 25mg CBD per dropper (1ml). Even though higher concentrated products might be more expensive, they often provide greater value to the customer. So if you have worked out your optimal dose of CBD, decide whether or not switching to a higher concentration saves you money in the long-run. For example, a 500mg bottle of CBD Embrace Oil Drops costs less than if you were to buy two 250mg bottles.


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