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The two main types of CBD Oils on the market today are those made from CBD isolate and full-spectrum oils. Full Spectrum CBD contains other active compounds in addition to CBD content.
Evidence is surmounting that full-spectrum oils provide a plethora of additional benefits not available in CBD Isolates. Distillate Full Spectrum CBD often contains other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBA, CBG, as well as natural terpenes. We at CBD Embrace source only the highest quality CBD Full Spectrum raw material from USA, Colorado, and California. This ensures that each batch contains exactly the mg of CBD, as well as the other cannabinoids listed on the label. These cannabinoid compounds are supposed to work in synergy with CBD through a natural process known as the “entourage effect”.
CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. CBD isolate contains only CBD, no other cannabinoid compounds.

Whether you choose a CBD oil made from CBD full-spectrum or a CBD Isolate Vape Liquid, both types offer benefits. When you purchase a CBD product, manufacturers usually state if their products are “full-spectrum” on the product page, although sometimes they don’t state this as well as the purity levels and CBD quality. Look for Manufacturers or retailers with batch tested CBD purity reports. CBD Embrace skips no corners when it comes to the quality of our CBD products with full lab reports available.


Dose per serving is another factor to consider with CBD oil. All of our Oil drop products utilise a 1ml Dropper. For example, a 1000mg 10ml Oil Drops product will contain 100mg CBD per ml. 1 full dropper (1ml) = 100mg.
A cheaper product such as our 250mg 10ml CBD will contain 25mg CBD per dropper (1ml). Even though higher concentrated products might be more expensive, they often provide greater value to the customer. So if you have worked out your optimal dose of CBD, decide whether or not switching to a higher concentration saves you money in the long-run. For example, our 500mg bottle of CBD Embrace Oil Drops costs less than if you were to buy two 250mg bottles.



Almost as important as choosing the right concentration of CBD is the delivery method. Many CBD oils are available in dropper bottle form, allowing for sublingual delivery. This means dropping CBD oil directly under the tongue, makes for an efficient route of delivery utilizing the mucous membranes, as the CBD bypasses the digestive system. To use our CBD Oil drops simply place the recommended amount of drops under the tongue up to 3-4 times daily.

CBD Food Supplement can be used a as a food additive, simply add the drops to your meal, coffee or smoothies allowing users to supplement themselves with CBD easily throughout the day with prepared food or snacks.
When we swallow CBD oil or use capsules it has to pass through the digestive tract before moving through the hepatic portal, where it is broken down by liver enzymes. Only then will any CBD be absorbed into the bloodstream. Capsules allow for discreet, controlled doses of CBD to be administered with ease. Our CBD Capsules are Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly, perfect for those customers who would prefer to conveniently administer their CBD Dose without much hassle or working out Oil drop dosage. Manufactured using the highest quality Full spectrum CBD.


Some individuals also inhale their CBD using vaporizers. Vaping CBD or using an e-cigarette is one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD. By inhaling CBD into our lungs, the compounds can pass directly into our bloodstream, completely bypassing the digestive process which lowers bioavailability. Meaning that Vaping allows more CBD to be absorbed compared to many other delivery methods.
Many people pick this method if they want to feel the benefits of CBD quickly, and as more and more people use e-cigarettes, it is also convenient. All of our CBD E-Liquids contain 99% Pure CBD, c02 extracted from California, ensuring optimum purity, free from pesticides, metallics & THC Free.


CBD products that contain trace or zero THC are fully legal in the UK and some states in USA as it is a completely natural and organic extract taken from a hemp plant. All of CBD Embrace CBD products are lab batch tested, ensuring optimal purty and quality every time.


To extract the CBD raw material, we use a CO2 extraction process as it is known to be the best and most efficient way to extract the crystals, while still preserving terpenes. The CO2 extraction also ensures that an optimum purity rate is achieved.


After having gone through a very careful production and testing process, we can confidently say that our CBD products are fully safe for consumption. However, if you are on any extra medication or have any special dietary requirements, we would recommend consulting your doctor before using CBD.


It is very common for people to incorporate CBD into their cooking. There are many ways to tie these products in with cooking a meal. For example, simply add some oil drops to a salad dressing, salsa, dips, hot chocolate or coffee/smoothies
Be sure if baking or frying with CBD, cook at low temperatures to ensure you preserve all the benefits of the oil. Higher temperatures above 160 degrees celsuis can kill some of the active cannabinoids components.



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