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Blunt Wraps

We stock many flavours of blunt wraps which are the perfect flavoured alternative to skins. We have a wide range of premium flavoured blunt wraps that’ll make you never want to use papers again.

What are Blunt Wraps?

A blunt is generally a cigar or type of cigarette consisting of two parts.
1) The inner leaf is typically tobacco or herb or a mixture of both.
2) The outer leaf is thicker and is spiralled around the inner leaf.

Blunt wraps are leaves for rolling joints made of tobacco or tobacco-free material, often flavoured and are stuffed or rolled with herbs or herbal mixtures and smoked.

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Juicy Jays Double Wraps

We chose ‘Juicy Jays Double Wraps’ due to their famous triple-dip flavour system that ensures the wrap is dripped three times and left to soak for a long period. This ensures each wrap is packed full of flavour when smoking. Each packet contains 2 wraps and is individually sealed in foil packaging to keep them delicious and moist.