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CBD Embrace offers a range of cannabis-infused drinks.

Energy drinks like SoStoned (Which doesn’t contain any THC) and Hype’d. Our 100mg CBD coffee has been popular due to its high quality. The coffee itself is Columbian Excelso ground coffee and can be used with a coffee maker or Cafetiere to provide that morning kick while ingesting the benefits of using a CBD product.


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The SoStoned energy drink is completely THC free and contains 20mg of CBD per can. It is flavoured to taste exactly like cannabis and is fully legal. This particular energy drink is ordered mainly by younger people who want to try using CBD for the first time.

Full Spectrum Edible CBD Products
Voted Best CBD Manufacturer in the UK for 2020, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality CBD in all the forms it comes in. Our California-imported CBD boasts a purity of 99% and is completely THC free, kosher, vegan and halal.

Our customers benefit from free UK and Northern Ireland delivery on all CBD orders over £9.98 as well as delivery to Ireland for only £5 and Worldwide Shipping for Only £10 (*exclusions may apply).