CBD Oil Spray

CBD Oil Spray

Experienced users of CBD will have tried most ways to administer a dose of it. That goes from edibles to cosmetics like beard oils. The truth is there isn’t a ‘right’ way, it’s all about personal experience. Trying CBD oil spray may be one of the easier ways to administer CBD.

Typical sprays use a coconut oil base combined with some flavouring to give the user a more pleasurable experience. We offer varying levels of strength for CBD oil sprays, from 500mg to 4000mg.

Why use CBD Oil Spray?

Using a CBD oil spray can be a great, direct and discreet way to get your body to absorb the cannabidiols. An oil spray is almost the in-between of vaping CBD and eating edibles, as the spray will act faster than the edibles but slower than using a vaporizer. The precise dosage of a CBD oil spray can be more difficult to work out due to the nature of the substance.

We put together a small guide on the cannabidiol spray we currently offer regarding their strength, one spray from our bottles is 0.12ml.

  • 500mg bottle = 6mg per spray
  • 1000mg bottle = 12mg per spray
  • 2000mg bottle = 24mg per spray
  • 4000mg bottle = 48mg per spray

When looking for CBD spray in the UK you should be able to find it at the most reputable health stores, or you could buy from CBD embrace. We follow all UK laws and restrictions around the products and have the appropriate certificates for our customers to view

How to use CBD Oil Spray

Using a CBD spray could not be easier. Simply hold the spray bottle around 5cm from your mouth, lift up your tongue and spray. Hold for a minute or so and you should absorb the spray into your system.


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