We manufacture only the highest quality CBD Oil Drops made from 99% pure Californian CBD Isolate & suspended in the highest quality hemp oil. Unlike others CBD Embrace Oil Drops are highly potent and Manufactured in our Custom Fitted UK Clean rooms. Our CBD Oil Drops can be used as oral drops, a rub on your skin or as a food additive. CBD Oil Drops are available in 250mg, 500mg & 1000mg


CBD E Liquid Vape Juice

Our CBD E Liquid is of the highest quality both in taste & purity. The CBD E Liquid Vape range features both flavoured and unflavored CBD E Liquids. We have 30ml Flavoured CBD E Liquids range boasting 500mg of CBD available in 5 fantastic flavours, next we have our unflavoured CBD Vape shot which is also suitable as oral drops & our CBD Vape pen and CBD Vape Cartridges boasting 100mg of CBD.

99% Pure Californian CBD

We use only the finest Quality 99% Pure CBD Isolate from California USA, our CBD Isolate is C02 Extracted maintaning the potency level of phytocannabinoids for ultimate effectiveness. We offer a full range of CBD Oil, CBD E Liquid, CBD Food Supplments and CBD Gummy Bears. CBD is 100% Legal to consume and safe for the whole family as it will not get you high. Rest assured we offer the highest quality CBD at afforable prices.

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Our CBD E Liquids are manufactured using 98 – 99% Pure Californian CBD which is CO2 Extracted, we then combine our High Quality CBD with our amazing tasting e liquids. We use the latest CBD manufacturing methods to ensure the highest quality flavourful CBD E Liquids on the market. CBD E Liquids & E Juices are one of the most effective ways to ingest CBD into your body.

Our best CBD E Liquid range by far is our 30ml CBD E Liquid range which boasts 5 All Day Vape flavours and is available in 500mg & 1000mg. Our Superstar CBD Flavours are specially formulated for ultimate flavour. Available in the range is:

We also offer Unflavoured CBD Vape shots which can been added to any Shortfill E Liquid to make a great tasting CBD E Liquid with your own flavour of Choice. Our CBD Shots and E Liquid are Available in varying strength 100mg CBD, 200mg CBD, 400mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD.


Vaping CBD E Liquid is very easy. If you already have an E Cigarette device then thats great. If not, don’t worry, you can purchase our CBD Pen Starter Kit here. We have a few different options.

  • CBD E Liquids For our flavoured CBD E Liquids simply add your E cigarette atomiser and Vape as normal E Liquid. If you have a variable voltage E Cigarette start at a lower wattage and work your way up to desired setting.
  • CBD Vape Shots Our CBD Vape shots are specifically formulated to be mixed with any Shortfill E Liquids or can also be vaped as Unflavoured CBD E Liquid.
  • Pick any of your favourite Shortfill E Liquid
  • Add Cbd Vape shot into your e liquid to desired taste
  • Shake Vigourously and let steep for 10 mins
  • Your CBD E Liquid is now ready to Vape

CBD Drops | CBD Oil UK | Buy CBD Oil | CBD Hemp Oil | CBD Northern Ireland | CBD Ireland

Our CBD Oil Drops are manufactured in the UK using the best quality CBD, imported from California, boasting a 98-99% purity rate. Unlike others Our CBD Raw material is diluted into food grade hemp oil which is a rich natural source of Omega 3, Nutty and nutritious you are able to use our CBD Hemp Oil drops like olive oil. Our CBD Oil Drops are fully Vegan & Kosher. CBD Embrace Hemp Oil Drops are ideal as oral drops, as a skin oil, cooking, dressing salad and for sauces.CBD Oil UK

Our CBD Oil Contains only 2 Ingredients, Cannabidiol (CBD) & Hemp Oil. CBD is an active compound of the hemp & cannabis plants Cannabis sativa L. Our CBD is refined using Hemp plants which have no psychoactive effects hence are fully legal & safe to take.

We use CBD which is directly imported from Legal Hemp Farms in California, USA. We also have our Raw material fully tested to ensure quality in each and every batch. See our latest Raw Material Report Here.

As of late their have been many scientific studies on the benefits of CBD to our own health it is believed that CBD boosts our own endocannabinoid system improving general well-being.

This is a new ingredient to the UK, so we cannot relay details to the public about relevant scientific research but we encourage you to research the effects of CBD yourself which can be found on Search Engines & Social Media.

We make no Health claims about our CBD Products as CBD is regulated by the MHRA and distributors who make medical claims require a MHRA licence. Customer feedback & general public opinion indicates that CBD Products have improved their quality of life. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Our CBD Products are produced in the UK by a TPD Approved E Liquid Manufacturer. Our CBD Oil is imported from Fully Legal Hemp Farms in California, USA cultivated with no chemicals & Pesticides.








Fully Legal


Vegan & Kosher Friendly


Suitable for Adults


Pet Friendly


THC Free


Toxic Free



Vape CBD | CBD E Liquid | CBD Pen
Vaping CBD is amongst the most effective ways to ingest CBD into your body. We offer several different types of CBD Products for Vaping.

Flavoured CBD E Liquid | CBD E Liquid UK | Buy CBD E Liquid UK
We have a range of Flavoured Vape CBD E Liquids which come in a 30ml bottle in either 500mg CBD or 1000mg CBD Strength. We find that the larger 30ml Bottles is better as it offers great value, taste and is truly an all day vape with the burst of flavours. Our Current Flavours in CBD E Liquid are; Heisenberg CBD, Mixed Fruit CBD, Grape CBD, Blueberry Ice CBD & Menthol CBD E Liquids. We are one of the UK’s & Irelands main suppliers of CBD E Liquid. CBD E Liquid 500mg, CBD E Liquid 1000mg, CBD E Liquid 30ml.

CBD Vape Pen | CBD Vape Starter Kits UK | CBD Cartridges
We offer a CBD Pen which is a great way to ingest CBD, having the same benefits & great taste. This is a great CBD Starter Kit, in order to introduce your to both CBD and Vaping. Our CBD Pen is specially made for us and comes in a starter tin loaded with a 50mg CBD Cartridge. Slim, discreet & easy to use. We also offer the CBD Cartridges these are the refills which you require. CBD Vape Pen UK, CBD Vape Pen Ireland, CBD Vape Pen Northern Ireland.

CBD Vape Shots | CBD E Liquid Shots | CBD Short fill shots | CBD E Liquid Shots UK
CBD Vape Shots are great to Add to your shortfills, you can now make any Shortfill E liquid into CBD E Liquid by simply adding our CBD Vape Shot. Our CBD Vape shots are available in 100mg, 200mg, 400mg & 1000mg. CBD Vape shots can also be dropped under your tongue. CBD Shots for Shortfill E Liquids have really taken off as you can change any E Liquid into a CBD E Liquid.

CBD Oil | CBD Drops | CBD Oil Drops | Buy CBD Oil | CBD Oil UK
CBD Oil is also another favourite method of CBD ingestion. CBD Oil is also one of the most effective ways to get CBD into your body. Our CBD products are made from 98-99% Pure Californian CBD & diluted in 100% Natural Hemp Oil which has many beneficial properties in its own. CBD Oil can be dropped under the tongue, added to food & drinks and rubbed on the skin. Our CBD Oil drops are GMO Free, THC Free & Fully Vegan & Kosher. CBD Hemp Oil Drops are available in 10ml, 250mg CBD Oil, 500mg CBD Oil, 1000mg CBD Oil.

CBD Balm | CBD Lotion UK
Non GMO & Zero THC. Made with organically grown full spectrum CBD our CBD Balms and Lotions are quite the hit with people with varying ailnesses. Each Tin of Balm contains 250mg of CBD so you’re only required to apply a small amount to get your daily dose of CBD. Available in 250mg & 500mg Packs, infused with full spectrum CBD Oil. The Recommended servicing size for our CBD Balm is a small pea sized amount applied to skin 2-3 times per day as part of an active CBD lifestyle.

CBD Balm and Lotions are an effective way to get CBD into our bodies without the need to Vape or Consume Oils. CBD Balm UK, CBD Lotions Ireland, CBD Balm Northern Ireland.

CBD Food Supplement | Suitable for Adults & Children
Our CBD Food Supplement is a Multi Versatile product that is great for Adults & Children. Available in a 30ml Bottle in 500mg CBD or 1000mg the CBD Food supplement can be added to food, drinks, pet food, or under your Tongue. CBD Food Supplement UK & Ireland. Buy CBD Food Supplement.

  • Vegan CBD Food Supplement
  • Suitable for Adults & Children
  • Perfect for use as part of a CBD lifestyle
  • Easily applicable to a busy work week. Integrate into smoothies,
    salads, or simply drop sublingually under the tongue.

*All products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to check with physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.


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Our products are also available as White Label CBD Products in Private Label CBD or Own Brand CBD. Private label CBD / White label CBD is an easy an effective way to get into this booming industry quickly. We can deal with the whole White Label Order process from the importation of CBD, blending process, bottling, labelling, packaging and shipping. We take out all the hassle so you can focus on sales and growing your business.


Private label CBD Products allows you as a business to grow and solidify your place in the CBD Industry. Private label CBD Products allow you to quickly establish a large range of Own Brand CBD, we will supply you a fully finished CBD Product which is ready for sale be it over the counter or in a retail shop. We deal with all sorts of businesses Whether your are an online retailer looking to Establise a large Private Label CBD brand or a Small shop looking for White Label CBD E Liquids & Own Brand CBD Oils, we can definitely help.


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We truly believe that CBD will be a way of Life in the Future and would love to share our CBD Journey with you. We offer only the highest Quality CBD imported from the USA which is then expertly blended in our own UK based Facility where we manufacturer, bottle, label & box your items all in house. All of our CBD Manufacturing takes place in our dedicated facility which is based in Derry

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