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CBD Skincare Products – UK, Ireland, Europe & USA

Our range of CBD skincare products is made with the highest quality CBD and is available online in the UK, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Europe and the USA. 

All CBD skincare products listed here contain natural Terpenes and a range of cannabinoids. They are all completely free of THC, vegan, kosher and halal. Our selection includes balms, massage oils, creams, soaps and more. 

Free shipping is available on all UK orders, and all worldwide orders over £9.99. Browse our range below to find what you need!

CBD Balm

Our CBD balms come in multiple sizes depending on your need and different formulations: Tattoo balm, luxurious vanilla balm for the body and muscle balm for the aches and pains that won’t go away. Our CBD infused balms contain soothing peppermint balm, coconut oil and shea butter all combined with the benefits of CBD.

CBD Cream

Our creams containing CBD are cruelty-free. Each of our CBD creams are formulated for specific purposes. From anti-aging creams to eye creams, our cream range will make you feel beautiful and relaxed.

CBD Massage Oil & Beard Oil

Some research suggests that CBD is great for strengthening and thickening beard hairs. Our beard oils are formulated with a base of argon and almond oil to nourish the face. Placing a small amount of our CBD massage oil on the hands to rub all over your body helps improve the skin’s overall appearance and feeling. There’s no better way to create a soothing massage than with CBD oil!

CBD Soap & Skin Oil

Using CBD soap will help maintain the health and general wellbeing of the skin. CBD – when used in soap – offers anti-inflammatory properties and can help to treat the overall dryness of the skin. Popular with sufferers of skin conditions (along with people who just want to feel more nourished) CBD soap can offer what regular soap does not.

CBD Bath Bombs

Our range of bath bombs use baking soda to create a chemical reaction and release CBD into the bathwater. This creates an aromatic spa-like experience while using the CBD to relax the body and mind even further.


Using CBD skincare could offer many benefits due to its ingredients. CBD has been known to calm the skin and mind as well as reduce spots. Most CBD skincare and beauty products contain antioxidants that help to reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles and inflammation. Most people could benefit from adding some CBD into their skincare routine. Our personal favourite is the CBD Night Cream.

CBD is fully legal in the UK and Ireland. Our products are all manufactured using 99% pure full spectrum CBD from California and Colorado, and are completely THC free. This factor ensures that they abide by regulations in the UK and Europe, and that they are totally within the law.

CBD affects the body by stimulating our EndoCannabinoid system. As we are not medical practitioners we can’t offer any advice on the medical effects of CBD, however we recommend you read our reviews to see customer feedback.

CBD is said to have little to no side effects to date. Since CBD is extracted from the fully natural and organic hemp plant (and extracted in world class facilities) there should be no side effects.

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