CBD Massage Oil

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CBD Massage Oil

Discover inner peace with our range of premium vegan and kosher CBD massage oil. CBD oils have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties that make them perfect for a sensual massage while providing great benefits for the body. Simply squirt some massage oil into your or your partner’s hands and apply to the affected area. 

Can I use CBD massage oil in the bedroom?

Massage oils are great to use in or out of the bedroom with certain studies even saying it can help relieve stress in the bedroom. These studies are however few and far between, but CBD massage oils can increase intimacy with a partner as any massage oil would. However we must stress that massage oil should be used for massages and nothing else.

Available in Multiple Fragrances

Finding CBD massage oil for sale has gotten easier over the years, CBD Embrace offers two varieties of oil, peppermint and a mix of orange and vanilla. Both products are imported from Switzerland, use pure almond oil as a base, contain full-spectrum CBD and are THC free, meaning they do not contain any psychoactive ingredients.

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