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How to Take CBD -The Best Ways to Take CBD

When you first take CBD it can be a complicated process if you’re new to it. There are a lot of terms that probably mean nothing to most people. There are a wide range of CBD products available to most consumers now. Some examples of these are:

Figuring out where to start can be unnecessarily hard and confusing, this post should provide any CBD novice with a clear understanding of what products are on offer, how they should be taken and what strength to take them at. The medicinal hemp industry has been growing extremely fast in the UK and we’re very proud to be a part of that. CBD Embrace is here to help you choose the best product and dosage safely. 

How to choose a suitable dose of CBD oil and other products

CBD products come in a wide variety of concentrations. The amount of CBD they contain per bottle, gummy, capsule or tub can usually be stated on the front product label. Some products display this through “mg” such as 250mg, 500mg, or 1,000mg. Other CBD products, typically CBD Oil Drops may state the strength of a percentage, such as 2%, 5%, or 10% cannabidiol (CBD).

We at CBD Embrace label our products with “mg” and ensure each and every single product contains the specified amount along with batch test purity levels to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality product.

Higher strengths of CBD will likely have a greater effect, though it’s not recommended to start with a high strength if you haven’t taken CBD before.

Try starting with CBD products containing a lower to moderate dosage/strength such as 250mg oil drops, then gradually working your way up to a higher dosage if needed such as the 500mg or 1000mg oil drops. By monitoring the relief or effects over several days you can make the necessary adjustments. If you don’t achieve the desired effect then increase your dosage. Eventually, after a little trial and error you’ll achieve a desirable level of relief you will be able to figure out the best concentration of CBD for you.

CBD Oil – Figuring out the does per dropper

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to take CBD due to its versatility. You can use the oil on its own, in food and drinks. Simply fill the dropper add it under the tongue or into the food and drink, swirl it around, ingest and enjoy. Although using CBD oil is not the most effective way to enjoy its benefits it is growing in popularity for older generations seeking pain relief.

How to figure out CBD Oil dosage

Dose per serving is another factor to consider before purchasing CBD oil. Most oil drops utilise a 1ml dropper. For example, a 1000mg 10ml oil drops product will contain 100mg CBD per ml. 1 full dropper (1ml) = 100mg.

A cheaper product such as 250mg CBD will contain 25mg CBD per dropper (1ml). Even though higher concentrated products might be more expensive, they often provide greater value to the customer. So if you have worked out your optimal dose of CBD, decide whether or not switching to a higher concentration saves you money in the long run. For example, a 500mg bottle of CBD Embrace oil drops costs less than if you were to buy two 250mg bottles.

An example of how to take CBD oil would be to make a coffee. Stir in one dropper of oil into the coffee. So if you used a bottle of CBD oil that contained 250mg and put in two droppers full of oil you’d have a coffee with 50mg of CBD content.

Full-spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

The two main types of CBD oils on the market today are those made from CBD isolate and full-spectrum oils. Full spectrum CBD contains other active compounds in addition to CBD content.

Medical evidence is starting to suggest that full-spectrum oils provide a plethora of additional benefits not available in CBD isolates. full-spectrum CBD often contains other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBA, CBG, as well as natural terpenes.

At CBD Embrace we source the highest-quality hemp raw material from the USA specifically, in Colorado and California. This ensures that each batch of CBD contains the exact specified as well as the other cannabinoids listed on the label. These cannabinoid compounds are supposed to work in synergy with CBD through a natural process known as the “entourage effect”.

CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. CBD isolate contains only CBD, no other cannabinoid compounds.

Whether you choose a CBD oil made from CBD full-spectrum or a CBD isolate, both types offer benefits. When you purchase a CBD product, manufacturers usually state if their products are “full-spectrum” on the product page, although sometimes they don’t state this as well as the purity levels and CBD quality. Look for CBD manufacturers or retailers with batch tested CBD purity reports. CBD Embrace skips no corners when it comes to the quality of our CBD products with full lab reports available.

Should I take CBD oil via capsules or sublingually?

Almost as important as choosing the right concentration of CBD is the delivery method. Many CBD oils are available in dropper bottle form, allowing for sublingual delivery. This means dropping CBD oil directly under the tongue, making for an efficient route of delivery utilizing the mucous membranes, as the CBD bypasses the digestive system.

When we swallow CBD oil or use capsules it has to pass through the digestive tract before moving through the hepatic portal, where it is broken down by liver enzymes. Only then will any remaining CBD be absorbed into the bloodstream. Then again, capsules allow for discreet, controlled doses of CBD to be administered with ease.

Our CBD Capsules are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, perfect for those customers who would prefer to conveniently administer their CBD dose without much hassle or working out oil drop dosage. Manufactured using the highest quality full-spectrum CBD. Some individuals also inhale their CBD using vaporizers or vapes. It’s best for you as a conscious consumer to conduct some research on the different methods of intake to determine which route works best for you, but hopefully, we’ve outlined a general helpful starter guide.

Using a CBD Vape

Vaping CBD or using an e-cigarette is one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD. By inhaling CBD into our lungs, the compounds can pass directly into our bloodstream, completely bypassing the digestive process which lowers bioavailability. Meaning that vaping allows more CBD to be absorbed compared to many other delivery methods.

Many people pick this method if they want to feel the benefits of CBD quickly, and as more and more people use e-cigarettes, it is also convenient. All of our CBD E-Liquids contain 99% pure CBD, CO2 extracted from California, ensuring optimum purity, free from pesticides, metallics & THC.

We believe CBD oil is the best product for beginners as each dose can be specially tailored to the user. It is easy to administer in food or under the tongue. Our range of CBD oil starts at £19.99 with a strength of 250ml per bottle, 25mg per dropper as we discussed earlier. Is now the time to start your CBD journey?

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