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Browse our range of full spectrum CBD Gummies, available for shipping to the UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Made from the finest ingredients, our range of CBD Gummies are manufactured using the highest quality CBD from California and Colorado. CBD Gummies are a slow but effective way to reap the benefits of CBD. Some of our customers have reached out and said they use CBD Gummies for pain relief and to help calm anxious thoughts. 

The strength of our Gummies ranges from 20mg per product to 1000mg per product, which has no psychoactive effect (No THC). If you’re unsure that CBD is right for you feel free to look at our FAQ section to get a well-rounded overview of using CBD.

CBD Gummies UK

Enjoy Fully-Legal CBD Gummies

CBD is fully legal in the UK, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Europe. All our products are THC free, meaning they adhere to the strict safety measures imposed by the UK and Ireland. All our products are manufactured in the UK using full-spectrum CBD imported from the USA.

Why is CBD legal in the UK, Ireland and Europe?

The cannabis plant consists of two main chemical structures, CBD and THC. THC is the component of cannabis that makes it psychoactive, and is therefore the aspect of cannabis that is illegal in many places. However, CBD has no psychoactive effects and is therefore legal in many countries. 

What are the effects of CBD Gummies?

CBD affects the body by stimulating our EndoCannabinoid system.

As we are not medical practitioners we can’t offer any advice on CBD effects. However we do recommend you read our reviews to see customer feedback. We recommend that you conduct your own research into the effects of CBD and form your own opinion using resources like Google.

Are there any side effects?

CBD is said to have little to no side effects to date.

CBD contains no THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis. This makes it fully legal, and therefore offers no psychoactive side effects. Due to CBD being created from the full organic hemp plant (and extracted in world class manufacturing facilities) it has no known side effects. 

Delivering Quality CBD Available Online

Voted the Best manufacturer of CBD in the UK for 2020, the team here at CBD Embrace pride ourselves on offering the absolute best quality products. All our CBD products are made from 99% pure CBD, sourced from some of the best hemp farms in the world, located in California and Colorado. 

We can offer free shipping to the UK and Northern Ireland on all our products over £10, so browse our range today and enjoy the world of CBD.