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Our CBD isolate powder is available in handy 1 gram, 2 gram, 5 gram and 10 gram pots, or in wholesale or bulk. Boasting a 99% purity, our isolate is sourced from the highest quality non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp. All our CBD products are THC free, and therefore abide by all UK and EU laws and regulations. Our most recent lab report can attest to the purity and quality of our products. 

This CBD isolate is versatile enough to seamlessly compliment your CBD routine. Being ideal for dabs or infusion into vapes and oils, or even beauty products. Due to the isolated nature of the powder, it can be easily added into food or drink products.



About our CBD Isolate Powder

Our CBD isolate powder has many uses due to the purity of the product. Whether infused into food, drink or other CBD products, the isolate is a great way to mix CBD to your preference. 

Manufactured in the UK from US-sourced, 99% pure CBD, our products all boast an exceptional purity, whether full spectrum or isolated. Containing no pesticides or byproducts, our products are fully vegan, kosher, halal, and gluten free.

What’s the difference between isolate and full-spectrum?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available. Extracted from the plant source using CO2, the isolate crystals contain none of the byproducts or terpenes that other CBD products may contain. Full spectrum products do contain some of these additional byproducts that are required to deliver the CBD in a liquid or oil form. 

Shipping and Delivery

Our products are packaged in airtight wrapping when they are shipped with trusted couriers. We offer free shipping to the UK and Northern Ireland. Delivery to Republic of Ireland addresses is £5, and worldwide shipping is £10, although exclusions may apply.

We also offer wholesale CBD services for those looking to buy in bulk. If you are interested in white label services for your own brand, get in touch for more info. 

Additional information


1 Gram (1000mg), 2 Grams (2000mg), 5 Grams (5000mg), 10 Grams (10000mg), 100 Grams (£6.50+ VAT), 250 Grams (£6.25+ VAT), 500 Grams (£5.99+ VAT), 1000 Grams (£4.99+ VAT), 2000 Grams (£4.49+ VAT), CBD E Liquid 500mg Grape, CBD E Liquid 500mg Mixed Fruit, CBD E Liquid 500mg Menthol, CBD E Liquid 500mg Heisenberg, CBD E Liquid 500mg Blue Ice, CBD E Liquid 500mg Strawberry, CBD E Liquid 500mg Citrus, CBD E Liquid 500mg Berry Fusion, CBD E Liquid 500mg Blue Raz Candy, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Grape, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Mixed Fruit, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Menthol, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Heisenberg, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Blue Ice, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Strawberry, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Citrus, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Berry Fusion, CBD E Liquid 1000mg Blue Raz Candy


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