CBD Spearmint Oil – 1000mg
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CBD Spearmint Oil – 1000mg


  • 1000mg CBD Oil Drops Spearmint Flavoured.
  • 10ml Amber Glass Tamper Proof Bottle with 1ml dropper.
  • Ingredients: CBD Full Spectrum, MCT Coconut Oil & Flavouring.
  • Full Spectrum CBD, Zero THC.
  • Contains Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Natural Terpenes.

How to Use CBD Oil Drops – For best results drop 1 dropper of CBD Oil under your tongue and leave for 30 seconds then swallow the CBD Oil. Repeat several times daily.

It is said CBD can have numerous health benefits and increase your overall well-being. To many it is said to soothe and calm your anxiety, increase your focus throughout the day and can possibly help you wind down easier before bed.



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We are the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland’s Premium Supplier of CBD Oil. Our CBD Oil Drops are manufactured in the UK using the best quality Full Spectrum CBD, imported from USA, boasting a wide range of Cannabinoids.

How to Use Flavoured CBD Oil Drops
Flavoured CBD Embrace Oil is perfect for getting a direct dose of CBD throughout the day. For best results squeeze a few drops under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
1 Full Dropper = 100mg (1ml per dropper)

CBD Flavoured Oil Ingredients:
Cannabidiol (Full spectrum) MCT Coconut Oil & Spearmint Flavouring.

What is CBD?
CBD is an active compound of the hemp & cannabis plants Cannabis sativa L. Our CBD is refined using Hemp plants which have no psychoactive effects hence are fully legal & safe to take. 100% Full Spectrum, Co2 extracted from California, ensuring optimum purity, free from pesticides, metallics & THC Free. We also have our Raw material fully tested to ensure quality in each and every batch. See our latest CBD Raw Material Report Here.

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